Jordi Vila, new doctor in our group!

On 21st April 2023, Dr. Jordi Vila defended his PhD Thesis in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona. The title of the PhD thesis was: “Rhodium-Catalyzed Cyclization Reactions of 1,5-Bisallenenes involving alkenes and alkynes. Experimental and Theoretical Studies” and it was supervised by Prof. Anna Roglans and Dr. Anna Pla-Quintana from the DiMoCat group at IQCC. The members of the evaluation committee were Prof. Fèlix Urpí from UB acting as a President, Prof. Yoann Coquerel from CNRS Marseille acting as a vocal and Prof. Rosa Axet from CNRS Toulouse acting as a secretary. Jordi wrote a great Thesis and made a nice presentation! Congrats, Jordi!!!