News @ Views article in Nature Synthesis

A paper in the News & Views section of Nature Synthesis reporting the significance of Rh-catalyzed cycloaddition reactions done by Uchiyama, Tanaka and co-workers has been written by Anna Roglans and Anna Pla-Quintana.

Dr. Roglans and Dr. Pla-Quintana take advantage of their expertise in transition-metal catalysed [2+2+2] cycloaddition reactions of unsaturated substrates to summarise and highlight the work done by this Japanese research group. We note that this process is a powerful tool to synthesize a wide range of six-membered rings with high levels of diversity and complexity in a single reaction step with perfect atom economy.

Pla-Quintana, A., Roglans, A. Cyclotrimerization takes orders from rhodium. Nat. Synth (2022).


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