DiMoCat group has recently been added as part of the XRE4S, a Catalan R+D+i Network Energy for Society.

XRE4S is a multidisciplinary and transversal ecosystem that gathers the expertise in the energy field on the main universities and research centers in Catalonia. The main goal is to promote the technology transfer and valorisation of energy technologies to industry and society. Actually, XRE4S involves 39 research groups in 14 academia centers with more than 500 researchers. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the ERDF.

DiMoCat group is an interdisciplinary group of research of the IQCC of the University of Girona led by Prof. Miquel Solà and Prof. Anna Roglans. The DIMOCAT has a theoretical and computational section and another section devoted to experimental work. Actually, the DiMoCat group is constituted by 30 researchers: 2 full professors, 1 emeritus, 6 associate professors, 4 post-docs and 17 PhD students. One of the main research lines is: research into perovskite solar panels as environmental alternative to silicon solar panels due to their low cost, and being lighter and more flexible. DIMOCAT wants to research in renewable energy as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the fight against climate change. Now, University of Girona has 4 groups in the XRE4S (LEQUIA, eXiT, GREFEMA and DIMOCAT).

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