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HPC-Europa3 – DiMoCat host

This week three visitors of our group have been awarded with an HPC-Europa3 Program grant. In particular, DiMoCat will be the host of the following three visitors: Massimo Christian D’Alterio from the University of Naples Federico II, Naples (Italy) Gerard Pareras Niell from the  University College Cork, Cork (Ireland) Kamila Pruszkowska from the University of Warsaw, Warsaw (Poland) […]

Two new fellowships to Alex Díaz and Cristina Castanyer, PhD researchers in training

This week we have known that Alex Díaz has got the prestigious FPU fellowship of the Spanish Ministerio de Educación and Cristina Castanyer has got the FPI fellowship that the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia awarded to the project CTQ2017-85341-P lead by Anna Pla and Miquel Solà. Alex Díaz is already a research in training supervised […]

ChemistryWorld and Chem. Commun. Inside Front Cover highlighting the discovery of open-shell jellium aromaticity in metal clusters

Jordi Poater from the Universitat de Barcelona (ex-DiMoCat member) together with the DiMoCat member Miquel Solà have derived a new rule for the open-shell jellium aromaticity. Some years ago, the same two authors demonstrated that spherical compounds having a same-spin half-filled last energy level with the rest of the levels being full filled are aromatic. […]

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Inside Cover describing the first All-fullerene Electron Donor-Acceptor Conjugates

Photoinduced electron transfer (PET) is a general nature occurring process which is related with the photosynthetic process. Scientists have always been interested in mimicking this process from artificial molecules in the search for controlling and tuning this process for practical purposes. The appropriate molecules and materials have been an important task in science. The aforementioned […]