Karolina Urbanowicz, PhD visitor at the DiMoCat group

On 19th June 2021, Karolina Urbanowicz started a visit of six weeks to the DiMoCat group financed by HPC-Europa3. The research project of Karolina, which is supervised by Dr. Antony J. Stasyuk and Prof. Miquel Solà, is primarily aimed at the investigation of conformational-property landscape in triplet photosensitizers derived from metal-free organoboron complexes with semi-rigid spiro architecture and boron atom separating donor and acceptor parts of the molecule. These systems are very effective photocatalysts in the oxidation reactions mediated by singlet oxygen. We expect that understanding of their nature will lead to new opening in the field of metal-free photosensitizers with potent application in catalysis, photodynamic therapy or cancer treatment and antimicrobial photodynamic therapy.

We wish Karolina good luck and great successes in her project!

From left to right, Karolina, Anton and Miquel in the IQCC.

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