HPC-Europa3 – DiMoCat host

This week three visitors of our group have been awarded with an HPC-Europa3 Program grant. In particular, DiMoCat will be the host of the following three visitors:

Massimo Christian D’Alterio from the University of Naples Federico II, Naples (Italy)

Gerard Pareras Niell from the  University College Cork, Cork (Ireland)

Kamila Pruszkowska from the University of Warsaw, Warsaw (Poland)

We wish all our visitors a good stay in Girona!

Two new fellowships to Alex Díaz and Cristina Castanyer, PhD researchers in training

This week we have known that Alex Díaz has got the prestigious FPU fellowship of the Spanish Ministerio de Educación and Cristina Castanyer has got the FPI fellowship that the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia awarded to the project CTQ2017-85341-P lead by Anna Pla and Miquel Solà. Alex Díaz is already a research in training supervised by Anna Pla and Anna Roglans and he is working on cyclization reactions catalized by Rh carbenes. Cristina Castanyer will start her PhD supervised by Anna Pla and Miquel Solà and she will work on [2+2+2] cycloadditions to fullerenes.

Congratulations to Àlex and Cristina!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the DiMoCat research group – Excursion to Sant Miquel d’Hormoier

Officially, the DiMoCat was constituted on the 3rd of July 2009 with the resolution of the consolidated research groups 2009 of the Generalitat de Catalunya that gave us the number 2009 SGR 637.

To celebrate this event, on the 14th June of 2019, our group has visited Sant Miquel d’Hormoier, a small Romanic church built before 979 (first time its name is found in a document) located in the Ormoier valley close to the village of Oix in the region of La Garrotxa. We have left the cars in Oix and we have taken a regular dirt track, in a place of singular beauty. We have reached Sant Miquel d’Hormoier after walking 6,5 km. Finally, we have had lunch in Can Bundància, a restaurant in the road from Castellfollit de la Roca a Oix.